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New year's eve

Tears of Meth

Can you see the Painter?

Mea Culpa

The Cracker

Death has no known End

The Purpose is Life

'It ain't for money no more'

The Evening Sun

The Road Uphill

'Woman ain't Worldly?'

Theory of Relationship - I

The Society

The Question

The Jovial Sun

The Night

Fabrication of Thought



Memoirs of a Philosophy Classroom - I

Humor Inc.

New Year Resolution

Why did Jesus die with a frown on his face?

Congenial Crap Called Corruption in Comprehension - 1

'Bring it on'

Re-Apprehension of the Self

In this moment....

Log and the River

Conversations with my Mom - II

The Journey of Realization

The Dynamics

The Sanctity in Abhorrence

Mystical Eyes

The Human Monkey

The Inverted Tree

T minus 2 Weeks

The Bride

The Prestige

The Song for the Sad Cypress

The Summer Sun

The Premonition

Author's Request

The Predicament


Besieged by Boredom

The Truth about Self -Deception

Starry Night

The Card Reader

Two Lives n a Lifetime

Moment of Introspection


Symphony of Love

The Choices we Make


The Gamble

The Heart Break

The Wake-up Calls

Confessions of a Convicted Mind


Sensual Serendipity

A Man's World

The Chill Pill

Epitah of Love

Trailing Thoughts

The Dick Head tales


Playcard of Possibilities

The Chimera of Choices