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‘My date with life’

"Muddy Road leads to the Mind"

'Love n Hate'

The Sinner's Song


Spiritual Bling

What's undone is done!!

No Man, No Mercy!


'Kingdom of Repentance'

My Love

'The Joy of Life'

'In the Hands of Fate'

The Perfect Weekend - Part I

Fate and Destiny

'Days of Detour'

Sensually Sick Minded

'Re-Education is a Myth'

'Nemesis at Noontime'

The Kamasutra

'Clinical analysis of the Heart Broken'

Miss. Lucy

Act of Amnesty!

Goodnight Miss. Las Vegas

The Dream

Time times Time equals to Eternity

Wasted away

And to think that....

Thought for the day

Dance of the Defected

Ode to another Saturday


Discouces for the Dying!

My Seed of Reprise

Pimp n the Priest

The Candle and the Darkness

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The Cropping

Come; just a state of Mind!


'Jesus ain't no God'!!

The Mirror