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Wise Man, Able Man and the Blind Man!

Yet I am so ripe for sex right now!

The Glimmer of Hope!

All that for an ounce of flesh!!!

Atmanam VIdhi!

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Suicide the Ultimate Sacrifice!!

The Sage in the Madman's clothing!!

Madman's Robe

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Stroll down the forgotten lane!

Right to Life!

The desire to be!

The Silent Surface!

The Threshold!

To you....For you!!

Mr.Monkey on the Perciever and the Percieved!

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'The Joy in Possession'!

The channels we browse!


An Intervention of sorts!

Conversations with my Mom - Part VI

New Age Humanism!

Sexual Nirvana!

Terrorism and collective Justice!

Mr.Monkey 's Sermon in the pond!

Life in circles!!

Self Preservation

Being a Piscean!!

Reality in Me!!

What's worth a Man!!

Life in revelation!

Me n U and Me n U

Evil is God's Impression!


Mr.Monkey on Reincarnation!

I Repent Thus!!

Wildflower Quotes - VIII

Identity - Revealed!!



The Endless Sea!

Conversations with a Dog!!

Death of God!


"The Wildflower" - Quote VII

Life as seen through a late morning bed-tea!!


My Existence: My IRRELEVANCE!!

Non- Existence!!


Mr.Monkey on 'The Rationale Divine'


The Myth call Individuality!!

"The Wildflower" - Quote VI

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The Holy!!