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Attempts at Apathy!

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And the flute sang thus......

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Paper Cup



Zen Revelations


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Passive comprehension!

Zen, and what Then?

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A Destitute called Osho: The Mystic Rose that pricks!

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Stranger than Love!

To Thee with Love!

Knowing oneself!

Preaching Love!

Art of Realization!

MMMMM Quotes!!!

Routines and more!!

The Empty Sky!

Song of a Sage!

The Warrior!

Conversations with my Mom Part VII

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Lord Krishna to the Rescue!!

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Man of Substance

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Memoirs from Campus!!

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The glory in living!

In Trance



Love a Solitary Sail!

The Higher form!

She who were meant to be!

String and the Kite!

Internalize the world!

And then thats Love!

Idea and evolution!

A Man's Choices!

@ 32!

Carnival of Life!

Angel of Love and Me!

Son, Dad and the Tide!

Man of Honour!

The Caravan!


Sirf ek Parchai Hey!