Tee Da Dee with Mr.Monkey - On Proverb 9:10!

Q: Mr.Monkey, are you a god-fearing and religious man?
A: That would be simply impossible my friend!

Q: What Mr.Monkey?
A: Being religious and god-fearing at the same time!

Q: Why is that Mr.Monkey?
A: My man, how can I be two entirely opposite things at the same time? This is like asking whether fire is both hot and cold at the same time.

Q: How are they two entirely opposite things Mr.Monkey?
A: Proverbs 9:10, remember, ‘the fear of lord is the beginning of wisdom’!

Q: So?
A: That means being religious has nothing to do with wisdom!

Q: That’s outrageous Mr.Monkey, on the contrary the proverb simply states that the fear of lord is a sign of inner wisdom and therefore nurtures religiousness!
A: My man if we go by that proverb, then wisdom sprouts in the fear of the lord. And if wisdom sprouts in a state of fear of anything, god or otherwise, then it’s a clear sign of lack of religiousness.

Q: But Mr.Monkey we both know man initially acquired wisdom through the fear of the unknown!
A: Absolutely!

Q: So then wisdom has a lot to do with fear!
A: See that’s where you faulted!

Q: Where? That I believe that wisdom has a lot to do with fear?
A: Yes coz on the contrary wisdom has a lot to with the unknown my friend! Not fear!

Q: Hmmmm ok. Go on!
A: See wisdom comes from the acknowledgement of the unknown! Not from the fear of it. It’s the realization that what I don’t know, far outweighs what I do know that nurtures wisdom!

Q: So where does religiousness come then?
A: Religiousness sprouts in a state of wisdom, not in the fear of the lord!

Q: And why is that?
A: Coz ‘lord’ was simply a cheap imitation of the unknown, which we fed our conscience with until we learned to embrace and absorb the unknown! And it was the sword of courage that led this crusade not the flag of fear!

Q: So in other words the fear of the lord is truly the absence of what we call religiousness, which is in other words that courage to embrace the unknown!
A: True!

Q: And wisdom lies in that courage and not in fear!
A: Yes!

Q: Amazing Mr.Monkey! Another insightful discussion indeed!
A: Always a pleasure my friend!

Q: So what are you if I may ask, god-fearing or religious?
A: God-fearing, off course!

Q: Seriously? Why is that Mr.monkey?
A: It’s not wise to come across as wiser than those who think that they are wiser than you! Besides its cheaper to fear lord than to pay for your wisdom!


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