A Cold Autumn Morning!

And then there was this darkness......but not the blinding wall of emptiness that the color black paints. This was the dull grey, colorless, odorless, spiritless, lifeless grey that descended almost everyday outside his window. He rarely got out the apartment to verify if the grey was real or just another arbitration of his existence. Come to think of it, he hadn't strayed out of his apartment for the last 2 weeks and the routine was merely filling up his soul with symphony of monotony, day after day, grey after grey!

He felt like having some fresh air that morning and as though being apprehensive about breaking the routine, he decided to embrace the world through his window. He gently pushed up his window stile only to be pushed back from a state of gloom to one of frozen thought. The air must have been chilling on its own, but the gush of breeze that accompanied it as it pushed through the vent into his room only made it more ferocious.

As if struggling to fight the vicious intervention of novelty into his otherwise relentless and therefore sustained monotony, he tried to shake the sudden thoughtlessness with a jolt. The sudden reaction aroused in him a renewed sense of energy as he crawled over the wooden frames that lead onto the window. He sat on the window sill as he gently scanned the grey world outside, still colorless, odorless and spiritless but this time not entirely lifeless!

He reached out to his shirt pocket and removed an almost crumbled packet made of aluminium foil. It was just the kind of morning that should be greeted with a smoke and coffee he agreed to himself. He waited for the coffee to be served before he lit his cigarette, then shrugged the thought away with disdain. he could do just with the smoke today, afterall it has been a very strange day so far!


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