The Immigrant - Part 1

A: Why are you here?
M: Chuckles, Isn’t that the question I should be asking you?

A: Yes mam, you are the reason why I am here. But why are YOU HERE?
M: Is that a concern? If yes is it my purpose that concerns you?

A: No mam, let’s say it’s just my curiosity!
M: Your Curiosity? (chuckles again)

A: Yes mam, do you find my curiosity amusing?
M: Yes Indeed, why would a war-time columnist with a leading newspaper that sells packaged and processed political propaganda for the state to its already ill-informed self-righteous citizens be curious about a non-consequential woman like me?

A: Mam, I wouldn’t completely disagree on your definition of my professional disposition but you are definitely anything but non-consequential.
M: You think so?

A: I am most certain! You should know that I have been following your works very closely right from your war-narrative years.
M: You have? And what do you make of it?

A: The ‘War-Zone Panorama’  has undoubtedly the most explicit and explicative photo-journal narratives I have read in the recent decades.
M: But you should know that I have very faint recollection of those days if that is what interests you!

A: No mam, what interests me is the question I asked you already, ‘why are you here’?
M: Now that I know that it’s not my purpose that concerns you, so would that be my predicament that has inspired your curiosity my friend?

A: To be honest to you mam, I am not completely devoid of the inclination to try and insinuate and reap insights from the quandary you are in.
M: But that doesn’t attract your curiosity!

A: Definitely not! I have been a printing-press of political propaganda for long enough, packaged, processed or otherwise (pause and grin) to have developed immunity to such misgivings.
M: I see!

A: Moreover your role in the transformation of the otherwise docile social-reformists and arm-chair revolutionists among the youth has definitely shaken the world.
M: Atleast it hasn’t gone unnoticed if that is what you mean!

A: Mam the powerful visual-narratives your documentaries carry specifically on the subject of state sponsored exploitation had to attract defiance from the state!
M: Are you sure its defiance and not contempt?

A: Maybe contempt, but does that matter?
M: It doesn’t! But it is not their contempt either that inspires your curiosity?

A: No mam, it’s the same question that I had asked earlier, ‘why are you here’?
M: ‘Why am I here’ is it? Still being sheltered under the political asylum of the state and not already deported back to my country to face the ‘just and free trial’ that has been assured to me?

A: Rather by ‘here’ I expect to describe your position than ‘place’ of existence.
M: Are they not contextually inclusive my friend?

A: It could be perceived so!
M:  And how does the state benefit through a criminal’s narrative of a crime she denies confessing to?

A: But I wonder if you have denied confessing?
M: No I haven’t! Why would I when I have not been asked!

A:  But now that much has been revealed to public of what you would have called personal, the citizens if not the state deserves to know!
M: So it is the citizen’s voice that has inspired your curiosity?

A: No mam, it’s the curiosity of the citizen in me that has been inspired to ask!
M: And you think my answer to your question, ‘why am I here’ will provide you what the citizen deserves to know!

A: Mam I think that question will help unravel the truth!
M: The truth about what my friend?

A: The truth about who really killed your husband?
M: Then I think the question you should be asking me is ‘how am I here’ and not ‘why am I here’?


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